May 30, 2008

Happy Weekend-=-here's some Loverboy

Off to Guilford, Ct. for the weekend.
Lance's number one lady lives there. (i'm like number 6).
Should be fun despite the bad weather forecast.

It's been an eventful week over all.
Best beer of the week?

Either Port Brewing's Moonlit Lager (probably my favorite beer moment as I actually stayed in for once, banged out a bunch of work at sipped on some)....or Old Rasputin on Nitro at the NorthCoast Event on Wed. at Jose Pistolas.

Favorite meal of the week goes to Memorial Day breakfast at The Four Seasons....
It was named something touristy grabbing like "A taste of Philadelphia."

Cheesy name or not, this pork product perfection on a plate...
I thought it would break the piggy bank, but it didn't... $22 for all this....
La columbe coffee, best orange juice ever, Cream chipped beef on brioche, peppers and eggs, Taylor porkroll and Habberset Scrapple (delightfully arranged like old school log cabin pieces).

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend they worked hard all week for...
Here' a little Loverboy (they actually never made a video of this song...Its from the Mike Bullard Show, a late night Canadian talk show that lasted four months from 03-04. At least Loverboy's career went a bit longer....)

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  1. Ha, thanks for the flashback! Can't tell you how many people in college I drove crazy every Friday after my last class when I'd blare this song from my stereo via a '45'....does everyone know what that is?! Or for that matter....a 'stereo system?'