May 19, 2008

Iron Hill Brandywine Beer Fest recap <<<

This past Saturday, Iron hill Media welcomed another sold out crowd to the 8th annual Bradywine Beer Fest. I don't think the numbers are in from this year, but last year they raised $15,000 for the Media youth league. Not too shabby.

I couldn't get anyone to come with me, so times were stressful here and there. Many thanks to Brendan of Stewarts, Paula Decker of Nodding Head, and Brad Johnson (Troegs/beeryard)
for helping me pour a bit.

Sly Fox brought our Weisse and Pale that both kicked toward the end of the fest and the same time. There was actually one lassie who drank nothing but Royal Weisse the entire day.

My pleasant surprise of the day was Riverhorse's Double wit,W2. This is part of their Brewer's Reserve series. Wit is never my go to style, but this was great. No off flavorings like some other mass produced witbiers out there. I chatted briefly with of the new owners, Chris Walsh. He was very proud of what Riverhorse has accomplished in the last year. I shared some nice words about seeing them pop in the market more. That's attributed to Bella Vista beer dist. as well as the work of him and his partner.

I got to see many fine folks of the industry and was unfortunately hit on a bit too much. Not by the industry folk of course...that's only one of them.

The worst line I heard of the day, was "Hey Pretty in Pink, can I get a budweiser, or how about a coors light?"

We ended the day with some great eats inside. Note: If you ever dine with Steve Mashington make sure you're ready for 7 apps.

Here are some snapshots of festival goers, from the young and innocent Sage Hoffman to hosting mad brewer Bob Barrar...

And my personal favorite...

"The answer my friends is blowing in the wind...
the answer is blowing in the wind..."

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