May 7, 2008

"Jasper the Friendly Goat"

There's been tons of wonderful coverage on the goat races at Sly Fox in P-ville this past sunday...
via Uncle Jack Curtin....and a nice takeaway from Mr. Bryson...that makes you feel like the Goat Races should be the first Sunday of every sun-soaken month...not just May.
Thanks for that.

Side Note: Goat to the right here is not Jasper...

A gang of 24 drunkards, (brewers, bartenders, bar owners, and writers, pr peeps) gathered on a bus to head out, drink bock, watch goats cross the finish line, and wait to see which one of us bock drinkers would unintentionally cross our own finish line first. Pictured here on the left is Troegs head brewer, Chris Brugger who sports the lederhosen annually.

Sly Fox was set up for the rain, tent and all, however it was not needed as we left with sunkissed faces. The tent was great-Local Chester Co. brewpub favorite, Richard Ruch stated, "as soon as you walked up-you knew you were at an event."
I agree.

Lines were long, but whatcha gonna do?
2900 people, plenty of staff on hand, they moved as fast as they were going to move.
And They moved through 65 halves throughout the fest.

"Jasper" walked away the victorious goat of the day. Owned by Chris Eckerd of Skippack. They had him a mere two weeks. Jasper was one of two goats they entered that day.
And him and his wife are poppa and momma to three more that that.

What continues to prove true throughout the last 9 years can't claim a goat on premise and think you're going to tap the year's, nope, not going to happen.
Not even for you Ron Johnson.

You're going to have people chant you on in your last ditch effort, till the goat -as stubborn as the animal 6 times its size stands still, and you have to pick it up and run it to the finish yourself.
Just ask Toby...

Oh by the way this is Jasper...
Photo Credit: Joel Armato

Lastly, here's some great video footage from Philly local celebrity 2005,
Johnny Goodtimes


  1. His name was Toby, not Cody. But now he's got a new nickname.


  2. i knew that. I really did.