May 28, 2008

Memorial Day weekend kicks off on the Manatawny: Sly Fox night at Union Jacks

Friday was a good one.

I already mentioned that I had no regrets about not being beach bound this weekend, however, it was still nice to drive an hour and a half out of the city into beautiful Berks co. for some Sly Fox festivities at UNION JACKS inn on the Manatawny.

I have been to the other locations but never this one.
I was really excited for the jaunt out west. I actually went to PennState Berks for two years.
I remember several trips down 422 west.

We were pouring
*Grisette (a rare saisonesque beer named for French working class women that wore grey uniforms)
*Panacea Barleywine
*113 on cask
*Fuggle IPA from the project

Here's a shot of Local brewing celebrity, Steve Jacoby, watching on as Tom mallets the firkin...

Tim Ohst and Brian O'Reilly were sipping on their delicious creations...

Many Sly Fox family members were there as well. The night wouldn't have been complete with out Dan Bengal pretending that the Philadelphia Parking Authority had come 75 miles outside city limits to tow my car.

Prior to the promo, I thought I would visit some local pubs on sales calls. We figured on Flying Dog and the Tiki Bar. At first I thought it was the tiki bar where Joel worked, so I thought I would surprise him...but I would quickly learn that there are two.

I decided to go to Flying Dog first. However, I didn't get directions to Flying Dog's front door step. I simply "google mapped" Earl township. Not realizing this I followed my Google map directions to a T. It was a slight surprise as the road got more and more rural. It was a bigger surprise when I saw Caution signs for Pesticide use. I started to get a little nervous that I might be in the wrong area. I thought this is going to be the worst or best bar ever.... My nervousness was validated when I came across this 20 feet later.
Unless, they welcomed me into their home for Peach Daquiris.... I wasn't at a bar...
I got out of my car, stretched, and laughed.

I then turned around and quickly found the Tiki Bar, a fun Spot right also on the Manatawny river where groups can grill up their own food.

Beer was simple-nothing like you could find four miles away at Union Jacks, but you could at least get a Troegs Hop Back or Dogfish 60 min. There were only 3 taps; Yuengling, Abita Purple Haze, and Franziskaner Hefe. The house drink was a hurricane, and that's what they were pushing.

Everyone was rather friendly from owner (whom appeared to want to be perceived as a busboy) to my young, sprightly bartender, Tyler. In addition to grilling your own grub,their decorations were purposeful, as they shells were used ashtrays and the Mousetraps were to keep your change from blowing into the Manatawny.

Union Jacks always has some event going on...upcoming festivities include Blue Point and North Coast....


  1. Suzy, I "woods" never do such a thing. Maybe the Sly Fox group will pitch in and buy you a car. How bout a cougar?

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