May 19, 2008

P i t c h f o r k e d !

It was just brought to my attention via foobooz via blogalicious whisper down the e-lane style that Chef Joe Turissi is out at Devil's Den, the closest bar to my house.

It's not hearsay though, as it was confirmed he was 86'd after a not so favorable review from the South Philly Review.

I only ate there a few times, very much enjoyed the chorizo and mussels but heard mixed things from others. Joe was a nice enough guy and I wish him well.

Hope its an easy transition for the Beer lovin' head honchos...They continue to do a great job with the beer list. I really like the "Curator" they have on right now....

Let's hope they can have the same success with the skillets
that they've had with their taps.

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