May 12, 2008

Pubbin' it up in Port Richmond

After Atlantis, I planned on taking my pals Johnny and Dave on a pub crawl of this up and coming area of Port Richmond. Johnny wanted to watch the Flyers game at Memphis Taproom. But first we had to go to the" Green Rock" and "Bonks." My research was already done on Memphis since I've been there a few times a week since they opened.

Green Rock was first.

Located at 2546 Lehigh st. Owned by a young couple Jamie (and rebecca?), welcoming all drinkers. Within five minutes of being at the bar, a friendly regular came up to me filling me in on menu recommendations and why the place was so special. If I was hungry, it would've been the Pork Sandwich or Pierogies...which wasn't too much of a surprise for me considering the neighborhood.
(And I LOVE pierogies. I recently heard about a place off of Ridge called Pierogi Kitchen that even does Dessert Pierogies.)

We only stayed for one. Jamie was a bit too busy to talk (I did come at a really bad time), but I will be back soon. Drafts included all Philadelphia Brewing co. Beers, Murphys Stout, and Sly Fox Pikeland Pilsner. Kensington and Port Richmond love them some Sly.

On to Bonks!
Located at 3467 Richmond St. in a rather industrial area.
I met the owners of "Bonks" on Richmond st. at the Origlio trade Show a month ago. Pretty amicable guys. The one owner told me he wanted to make it the Grey Lodge of Port Richmond. He explained to me the challenges of the neighborhood and told me he understood that it would take time. They are best known for crabs and I so happen to love those little crustaceans, even more so with a nice Pilsner.
Based on all that info, I put them on my bardar that day.

I walked in, it was pretty busy. We couldn't be helped right away, but I didn't even try. I took one look at their tower and turned the other direction. I'll go back soon and get a bite to eat there...but they really need to work on their selection. I know in the area there's not too much of a call for it....but at least
have one craft on draft if you have at least 12 handles....

No time for Memphis at this point... it's back to Center City to check out the new Apothecary Cocktail Lounge at 13th and Drury.

You'll hear all about this Oz of classic cocktails next time.
Gogi Berries, Beet Juice, Elderberry Liquer and more......

and about
TIME the time after that...


  1. the bomks owner said he wanted to make it the grey lodge lol . i dont think hes trying that hard . he probably thinks blue moon is a exotic choice

  2. The owners of Bonk's are certainly trying to break the mold in Port Richmond. I have seen the owners frequently sharing half their bottles with their diehard light beer crowd, trying to open up people's minds to the variety of exotic beers out there. They also have a great selection of ciders as well. Give them a chance, they are certainly heading in the right direction and they have an uphill battle. I even asked the owner to pick up one of my personal favorites, Troegs Hopback Amber, and sure enough, my next visit, it was in the fridge. Not many bars are that accomodating.........

  3. actually, bonks has 10 taps, and they do change it up from time to time. they recently had river horse hop hazard on tap.

  4. Oooh! Good to hear. I love mold breakers..I will make a return visit soon! Maybe event today.