May 16, 2008

Recap on Iron Hill Veggie Beer Dinner < < <

Tuesday night was the Veggie Beer dinner at Jose Pistolas...although i dedicate a large portion of my caloric intake to pork belly and other pork products, I was really looking forward to the evening because...

a) in a city where people are often copying each others ideas its refreshing to do something different. I think foobooz pointed out that nodding head had one several years back....and that's okay. At least its something not saturated.

b) Lance was the guest brewer and man of the hour (well I guess that's every hour when you're as popular as he is)

c) Eric Anderson the guest chef from Essene is just about as nice and as talented of a guy as you can find

I posted the menu on here before..I recall reading on one of the blogs that the menu seemed uninspiring. As I said earlier, I am not a vegetarian so I am not quite sure what inspiring veggie cuisine is. But I thought the food was top notch. The soup was perfectly paired with Lance's 100% bret beer, Heywood. The pastilla incorporated spiced apricots (the pic below doesn't make it look nearly as enticing as it was). The salad, although slightly overdressed was great. I even cleared the plate. The dish that many were raving about most was the main course with lentils and morels . I don't really need lentils in my life.
The dinner ended richly and perfectly with a Peanut butter mousse with paired with a bourbon aged wee heavy.

Lance and Jean did a great job of discussing the beers and commenting on the actual pairing of food and beer in general. Iron Hill beers are sometime found at Brigid's in Fairmount due to the close promixity in which the Iron Hill West Chester brewer lives, but this was a treat to try 7 different beers without leaving the city. And all beers were on point. The american brown ale was def. a crowd favoite. Heywood got my vote.

We went on to hob nob at the bar with others that joined.
When the bill came it ended up being $65 inclusive not $65 plus tax and gratuity.

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  1. I'm a little bummed that I couldn't make it, but I'll admit...the pics do look inspiring.

    -the uninspired vedge