May 27, 2008

Spreading the word about Philly's new "Speakeasy" despite their deep affection for mass produced witbiers

Okay...back in the swing of things... let's rewind...starting with last Tuesday.

I remember sitting down for dinner with Lance and Co. at Brigid's on Wednesday and ordering a Ginger Ale. A beverage which just begs for a berating of sorts. I told him it was "Gingerale Wednesday" because it was "Back Bar Monks Tuesday."
But it was also "Pr launch party for JL Sullivan's Speakeasy Tuesday."

JL's Speak easy in the old Zanzibar Blue quarters. From what I gather its a high end sports bar/lounge not really having anything to do with the jazz, flappers and forbidden alcohol of yesteryear.

As daily candy angled it-It'll keep Philly couples in harmony as it combines sports (34 HD TVs) and a lux experience...(private rooms and what the website refers to as "chic ambiance).

Upon arrival the doorman told me that "earl" was the code to get complimentary drinks until 8.
The decor was quite bright with white sofas. I didn't get a chance to eat there yet, so I can't comment on the food.

There were definitely beautiful people there, and as the slide show from opening week is already up on the website, you can tell that will be the status quo.

I kind of saw it as a university of sorts if Mcfaddens was the highschool. Not that this is a bad thing...My ideal bar varies greatly with many people in the city...and I am sure these guys wouldn't have had the success they've had if their recipe didn't make several people happy via drunken nights and one night stands following the screaming of "Sweet Caroline" at the top of their lungs.

I guess since this site is called "I'll have another stout," I am going to have to briefly chat about the beer list.
I found it slightly confusing.

At first glance, a visitor might get the idea that they were trying to represent the craft beer segment. I also know that the owners took the time to have a local beer rep give a beer tutorial to the staff...this is all positive...

I just find it curious that both Blue Moon and Hoegaarden are on...And as curious as that is, I find it even more curious that Michelob Amber Bock is on. I haven't seen that on tap since the millennium when I was a young buck at Penn State. $2.95 for 23 oz back then. The majority of products were from Penn Dist. I guess they have the same taste in beer as the Perrier bar managers do...hmm....

A few surprises- YARDS was able to land a handle...also SpeakEASY, a cali brewery, was an easy decision for them. I had one of each- then moved on the Pranqster (in bottle).

I think the place will do well. And I do wish them well. I could tell that the staff was excited to be there...and that's always a great sign. Hopefully the word will spread. If a beer aficionado like Dan Conway is sipping Sex in the City Style, so can credit: Steve Mashington

On to Monks. Garrett Oliver was in town that night doing a dreamy pork dinner paired with his brews at Osteria. I got word from Casey Hughes that everyone would be meeting up at Monks. I had my friend DFC in tow, and we showed up by 11:30???

The good news is also the bad news this time around. Tom had Avery Crucified on tap...simultaneously with the Salvation. It was the only "Crucified keg" to leave Adam Avery's eyesight. I think Tom said it was the Salvation-aged in oak barrels for 18 months. But not just any oak barrels...they held two kinds of wine. First a Ferrari Carrano Chardonnay then their Savvy B. I think it clocked in at 9.5%. wow. so smooth.
And way to smooth for a Tuesday evening.

Here are some more pics...
" Steven Mashington..Steve Mashington meet chainsaw."

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