May 2, 2008

Toasting away the 20s playback < < <

So thirty came and went...well I guess it's still coming.
So far so good. I totally got this.
I've never been so 30.

The day itself was pure magic and I cheesily rented a convertible mini cooper for the day and cruised down 76 with the wind blowing my 30 year old hair and the Felice brothers playing all the while.

I bought shoes that made me 5 foot 5 and returned to Philadelphia to ready myself for my birthday happy hour.

It was the best.
Rick Suarez from Unibroue was my beer angel that day.
He sponsored my party and all attendees got their first unibroue on the house.
La fin du monde, Blanch, Maudite, there was even some Unibroue 17 pouring around.

Tom Peters was in the house with a special bottle of FireStone Walker 11th anniversary ale and flowers. George Hummel, Russ from General Lafayette, Bill Young from Manayunk, Casey, Lance, homebrewing friends, beer promo friends, johnny goodtimes and gang, beer club lasses, friends from college and highschool, my stylist and his friends, little woods and many more came to toast away my twenties.

My friends all chipped in and bought me a chocolate Cannon Powershot SD1100IS which I love.
Lance picked it out and hooked me up with a new watch to boot. Family got me all domesticated with a vacuum and Pots and pans. I even got running socks that I needed.

After the best happy hour of all time, my pals threw me a surprise party at Standard Tap upstairs with the ever ham ron johnson bartending. There some more surprise guests like Scoats and Jordan from Bella Vista Beer Dist.

I knew something was up when everyone left happy hour without saying good bye...but I didn't expect to walk into a room staring at 50 suzy woods masks..Here's a shot of Lance with "me on his shoulder.

I was everywhere. I was hanging out on top of paintings, hanging outside a window by second st.

There was tons of great beer on tap including Lance's brown ale from Iron Hill...which was delicious when I was actually drinking it and not spilling it!

There was a Pinata! which looked like a car referencing my never ending car problems. It was filled with my favorite candy- Peanut butter cups and almond joys...geez these people thought of every little thing.
If the good feelings of the day have even the slightest presence over the next's going to be one hell of a year. Here are some more pics from the night....

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