May 12, 2008

Touring the Philadelphia Brewing co. with Nancy B.

I was working on some research at the end of my sales day on Friday which led me to the Port Richmond/ Fishtown/ Kensington area, which has been renamed "Port Fishington" some time ago. I am not sure whose brainchild it was-I think "Phillyblog" but I liked it more than bennifer, tomkat, or brangelina.
What would me and my beau be Lapuzy? Awful.

I bet the residents of those areas don't like the grouping and take pride in their personal zip code, but for those that don't venture into that area of the city too often- it works for them.

My purpose was to snap some shots of Philadelphia Brewing Co. I felt a tad embarrassed that I hadn't been there sooner. Place looked great. Nice shiny white paint, renovated office space and a kitchen. (which they recently cooked filet mignon in) I was pretty impressed with it all and brown eyes turned green over their kitchen.
So life is good on Martha st.

Beer is selling well with Kensinger accounting for over half their total sales.

I was happy to hear they had a mystery beer in the tanks with ten different herbs- yet to be named.

I met up with Nancy at Atlantis: the Lost Bar.
They carry the PBC line up and some other craft, inc. O'Reilly's Stout...It was serendipitous that we would meet there, because the Atlantis Sly Fox handle was broken and I just so happened to have one more in my subaru.

Nancy gave me an informative tour and I learned a bit about what's going on behind the scenes.
My favorite part (other than their robin's egg colored kitchen) was the Workshop where their much talked about handles are being made.

I can't divluge all their secrets, but they've got one of their buddy's boyfriends on the payroll making it happen. He's rather creative and resourceful. I was surprised to see how handles like the Rowhouse Red and Kensinger started off.

They're also growing their own hops for fun....In time they should hang across the entire driveway making for a very nice first impression when people walk up.

You can see them growing up on the left...
Their not 100% done building renovations yet. They have resealed the floor in the bar/rec area...but still have some work to do. The painting of the brewery and the restructuring of the bottling line is of course done. I think most of what they are working on now is cosmetic.

They started their Saturday afternoon tours back up a few weeks get on in there and "get some."

Just not this Saturday because its the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.

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