May 9, 2008

Victorious for the Day

Victory Brewing reopened their Downingtown brewpub on Wednesday. I didn't want to miss out on this momentous occasion so I planned my sales day around it in Chester Co.

They had two nights of soft opening prior- so on day of, there was a great crowd there- but it was still mellow enough that I got a seat at their beaut of a bar.

It was the most comfortable I felt in a 2 million dollar renovation in a long time.

It's was open, and tastefully done.
Some were nervous that it would feel too much like the Disney World of BrewPubs when they reopened their doors after being closed for a few months, but the nervousness had to be subsided when people walked in and saw that was not the case.

The beers were on point. I tried their Tettnang hallertau pils. Holler! and the 10 year alt bier.
I didn't get a chance to eat, but the menu seemed to have a lot of sandwiches, 3 pizza options, and of course soft pretzels. This is what Jack Curtin's jerk chicken looked like. Are you really what you eat?

I ran into a bunch of industry folks there. Checked in with resident victorian Richard Ruch to make sure he found his new barstool okay. I think he was leaning toward the left of the long bar (30 seats?). Just to the right of the pole. By one of the two copper kettle cut outs. (that are the real deal, not fake). Jack Curtin, Lew Bryson, Bryan Kolesar, and Mark Haynie were all enjoying themselves.

To the left of the bar was a Biergarten room that can sit up to 96 people. The room was simply decorated with framed posters that all had the word victory in them in some capacity.

This was Lew's favorite:

The best part was I got there in 45 minutes. Clear of traffic on 76 and 202 south.
The bad part is their nifty growler machine wasn't quite working yet.

Victory brewing Co, going in it's eleventh year is one of the area's most respected breweries.
Their beers are now being poured as far out as Colorado and California, resulting in 45,000 barrels at the end of 2007.

Here are some more shots...

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