June 19, 2008

beautiful bite

So far the best bite I had all week goes to....wait. I can't decide.

I will have to break it down into two separate categories...
One where I get my breve and the other where I get my beer.

The Beauty Shop cafe at 20th and Fitzwater is always good for conversation and coffee. They have a line up of sandwiches as well. I was swayed toward a muffin on Monday.

I am usually anti-muffin. It goes in the sand category. I find them annoyingly crumbly. But the sprinkles sparkled and I was reeled in. It was made by TARTES, whom I already have featured on the side bar over there > > >.

Then onto second course... I wanted the "full metal jacket" It's like a Caprese Sandwich with the addition of roasted peppers. But instead of getting on the plain jane bagel or baguette. I opted for a croissant. And there it was the bite of the week.

Next time you are by the "graduate hospital" area, venture to 20th and Fitzwater and say hi to John, the owner and everpresent barista. You might even run into C List celebrity
Johnny Goodtimes.
And now onto the best bite of the week at a BAR.....

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