June 5, 2008

Beer News that will make you thirsty.....

Look for Michael Fava to officially take over head brewer duties @ Dock St. Brewery within the next month.
His next beer on deck is a Witbier with Chamomile.
Scott "the dude" Morrison is still consulting and working on another project as well. I will reveal details as the dude lets me.

In other news....
And this is an early leak, one that might just get me in trouble but I have the highest respect for everyone involved.

Chaucers Tabard Inn has found new Innkeepers...
Lots of current bar owners looked at the space, but Soon-to-be alumni of Daniel Stern, Michael Ojeda and Ed Hackett (Gayle, Rae) will be taking over the the corner of 20th and Lombard this September. Simple concept. Great beer, great food. The naming process is till in the works but it going to have something to do with being a pub and a kitchen.

Black Sheep will be featuring Sly Fox Pikeland Pils for the first time at Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo spectacular next Wed,. June 11. In Pursuit of Ale will be vying for the top honors. Come out and give us some good competition.


  1. I'm pretty sure his last name is Fave.

    He's my fave!

  2. Hey Farva what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

  3. his name is Fava and the Chamomile is on tap!