June 17, 2008

The delicious beer of Grand Rapids, Michigan has found its way to the GARDen State!

Tonight is the kick off of FOUNDERS in New Jersey. Distributed by Hunterdon Bev.
Hopefully it will find a home on a few towers around the garden state.

Come join the kickers at CORK restaurant, a great bar and restaurant (wonderful food) in WEsTmonTNJ.
I know you're thinking, what do I really have to cross the bridge? But it's only about 20 minutes away said and done.

And I'll be there.

Beer is tapped at 6. Here's some of the line up, from Hunterdon rep Steve Gates:

"We’ll have Dirty Bastard, Red’s Rye, and the ever-so-rare Devil Dancer Triple IPA on tap for the event. Get there early (6 pm ish) to make sure you get a taste of the Devil Dancer; it’s just 1 sixtel…we won’t see any more of this til next year or so."

Plus Gary Monterosso of "Still Crazy after all these BEERS" will be filming a few video podcasts there!

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  1. We missed you there, Suzanne! Thanks for the plug!