June 25, 2008

it's gettin it's gettin it's gettin kinda hectic

woahhhhhhhhh. Crazy week.
I am moving.
I drop half the boxes I move.

so -sorry for a lil' lapse.

I am out the door in two shakes...
but coming up
* review of the a ma z i n g night we had at Chicks cafe and wine bar last night for the Sly Fox inspirations and interpretations dinner.
*The Azul Cantina at 10th and Spruce...I felt the need to go after the phoodie folks gave their blessing...
* Harrisburg Fest - Had plenty of great conversations and beers and Finally met MARY from
"My Life on Craft"
*New bars open- INSTiTuTE at 12th and Green (pouring Founders Centennial, Hennepin, Sly Fox Royal Weisse, YARDS esa, PBC Kensinger, Bear Republic stout) and the Kite and Key (Bishops Collar alumni) should be open for business tomorrow....Friends and Family tonight. They will also be pouring up some craft.

*Details on my big move to brewerytown (wanted to be closer to Paul Rutherford and STeve Mashington- someone needs to keep an eye on those boys).

*Jenny "raging panda" Hobbs is not only my new roommate but it's also her birthday this Saturday. You might know her as the queen of the surf dance party. Feel free to send her dirty wishes at jenlynne.hobbs@gmail.com

*In Pursuit of Ale Summer Beer REviewS from the Foodery.

*check out my monthly column in Philadelphia Weekly. Debuts today. I kept it mild this time around. ....

Where should I go in Pittsburgh this weekend???? Lance and I are going for his friends wedding.
He's threatened to wear country gear.

Here he is in said country gear.. I don't think I ever posted this...its from the Iron Hill "Ring of Fire" night....what's that weird stuff on his chin?
and this is where you should go tonight-=-=-=
NICK johnson will be at the SOCIETY HILL HOTEL talking troegs during happy hour. Go see him get his lobster on.

Of if you are of the female gender- meet me at the Foodery at 2nd and Poplar for a summer beer tasting. (Nick Johnsons taken anyway)


  1. I knew I had seen that shirt before....


    Must be a brewer thing. ;)

  2. Chrch Brew Works is a must when you are in Pittsburgh!

  3. Did you sit the camera on the wall and the picture magically took itself on auto-timer?

    Btw, CBW is unique, but as breweries go in Pittsburgh, head to Penn first, imo

  4. thanks for the shout out suz! and yes, dirty wishes are always welcome.

  5. Jenny who? Sounds like a looser.

  6. Hey Beer Lass -

    I read your article in the PW and just wanted to tell you that it's totally awesome to see local bloggers coming up in the media ranks. Way to go, and I'm looking forward to more.

  7. East End Brewery has growler hours on Sat. afternoon, and you might want to look into this:


    Have fun.

  8. When in Pittsburgh, you must go to Fat Head's on the Southside. Best beer bar and pub food in town. How I miss it!

  9. ditto Fat Heads. I look at their website and it almost makes me want to drive cross-state.

  10. On way back much too report unfortunately fatheads failed to impress...churchbrew works was pretty neat . photos manana.