June 9, 2008

Not one of the good ones--=-= one of the Great Ones

I was thinking this morning about what my next blog would be about....and well, things changed around 3:24.
I received the phone call from Casey Hughes that Jay Misson died this morning. Shocking.
An amazing man with an unparalleled passion for German beers outside of Germany. I believe he was fluent in German and we spoke often about wursts and lagers.
lagers and wursts.

He happily ran around Triumph last Thursday making sure everyone was trying the weiss wurst at the tapping of the season's hefeweizen.

He went out of his way to welcome the ladies of In Pursuit of Ale multiple times to Triumph in old city. When Beer Week was approaching he was the first person to reach out to me and say, "Hey let's do something together."

When I went to a meeting to plan out our Trivia night, he offered me a beer. It's 2:00 pm- I had ordered a low abv (maybe a Red Ale?) then found out that it had just kicked, so I said I will have whatever is following it up on draft next. He pours me a near pint of their Quad. That made the rest of my Thursday afternoon a little more interesting.

His enthusiasm and his work ethic were most admirable.
He had a great smile and a great presence.
He designed and brewed great beers.
He was one of those guys that had me on his every word.
I admired him.
I really liked him.

He will be thought of daily.

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