June 16, 2008

The summer of the New England Experience Part I

Dating a lad with family and friends in New England would eventuate in traveling up there a bit more than I had prior.

As mentioned a couple a weeks ago I was going to Guilford, Ct.
It's on the east coast by the sound ( a long body of water, longer than a channel connecting larger bodies of water- it is not a large lake). Guilford is quite the lovely town only to be matched by its host, lance's mom.

I had the most homecooked meals I have had in as long as I can remember.
Blueberry pancakes, Steaks, Lasagna, Eggs 'n' Bacon, , homemade poppyseed bundy cake etc....
Plenty of time was spent with the nieces. Madeline and Lucy...whom are pretty adorable...I would post a pic, but I haven't had the parents sign a waiver.

Saturday was some shopping and R and R. Sunday- Lance needed to get a long training ride in, so I went for a run. I like running, but don't lace up the sneaks quite as much as I should.

It was so beautiful up there, that I just kept running and running, Passing stables and golf courses. I found reprieve in the 7th mile by stealing some hydration from a front yard sprinkler. That and finding the swing set were the highlights.
Actually-by the swing set there was another pleasant sighting. I saw the rain boots of the children that belong to the private school with said swingset.

There were about 22 sets of boots and 15 were pink. I smiled to myself as I thought how great it would be if they one day sported a larger size and spoke sparging with other brewers. Little ladies that one day would turn lager makers. Read more about Teri Fahrendorf's Pink Boots Society here.

Running and running some more led to a 9 miles roundtrip and the build up of lactic acid in my quads.
I couldn't walk normally for about three days.
I think my gimp led to some sympathy tips so some good came out of it.
I know I usually talk beer on here, but if a wine or cocktail ever strikes my senses, I'll include it.
With dinner on Saturday night, we opened a bottle of "7 Deadly Zins." This was a blend of grapes from 7 different Vineyards. Wow. You can pick up a bottle at Pa stores I believe for around $17.99.

More on New England Experience coming up. Including:

*City STeam Brew Pub in Hartford
* 7 Barrels Brewery in Lebanon, VT
*Casa de O'Reilly (a visit with the brewmasters parents!)
* Run in with a Conneticut State Trooper ( not a highlight)
*Harpoon brewery in Windsor, VT
*Gaslight Tavern and Brewpub by Seton Hall College, NJ (okay not really new england, but on way home)

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  1. Mi scusi, how many miles? I'd say it sounds like you're building up to the Philly half marathon in September ;-)

    good for you...it sounds like it was a well done trip to New England