June 5, 2008

Triumph's tapping a barrel aged Hefeweizen tonight and I am not obligated to appear for Jury Duty

I woke up this morning prepared for my civil duty. jury duty.
As I was getting out of my car, I noticed a black cat. I thought, here we go- just great.

But it must have been really dark brown, because I just got word that I am not needed for jury duty. this is the best news as I have much I could have done today in the Sly Fox realm of things.

I kind of wanted to go, but in the famous words of Willy- "All's well that ends well."

One of my other duties today includes going to the HEFEWEIZEN tapping at TRiumpH Brewing. from 5-6. Their Hefeweizen has been barrel aged and Mr. Joe Sixpack will be the tapper.

His book will be available for sale. And sausage lovers can get their
wiess wurst on. Happy Hour beers are $3. That will work.

2nd and Chestnut.

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