July 1, 2008

And wouldn't it be nice if there were a bier garten at 5th and Spring Garden?

With the close of Ludwigs and details not yet available on a potential Deutch Watering Hole due in 2009...a biergarten at 5th and Spring Garden is music to my ears. But actually there is no promise that it would be of teutonic focus beer wise though...

Mark Bee of Silk City will present to the Northern Libs Neighborhood Association this evening to get the permit to sling suds al fresco. Read more here....

Here's April Annie and I at the Canstatter Volksfest last year.

As much fun as you can have on a September day in the Great great Northeast.

In other news, stay tuned for more Details on YARDS brewing co. Joe Sixpack reports that they are moving along on Delaware Ave.
Tom Kehoe, Mr. Yards, will also present to the No Libs association this evening to get zoning for a brew pub. This pic was taken last week

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