July 9, 2008

B. Frank would approve...let's welcome Kite and Key to the town

Franklintown's got new residents.

And they sure are nice. I once mentioned that I wouldn't make someone a pie for someone....a new neighbor reference of sorts....when they tore down my community garden to build a new house.

I would definitely make these guys a pie...any kind of pie they wanted...
or at the very least make sure they can order a sixtel of saison from me if the want one ;)

Jim Kirk (Bishop's Collar) and Jake Hampson( ten stone) opened the Kite and Key last Thursday at 4. -=-= The crab cake sliders with gazpacho -=-=

I arrived there after two events sometime around 11 to a packed pub with happy drinkers welcoming them to 19th and Callowhill.

Major revamps were done from the former tenant, Savannah's. Barely recognizable actually.

Menu is chalkboard style for now with a high light being fish tacos (with the mandatory maize)

Bar staff is well beyond adept with one of the keepers coming from South Philly TapRoom.

More pics to add inc...outdoor seating, future biergarten, and the fine fellows themselves....

blogger is not currently cooperating...

off to beer club

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  1. the gazpacho looks insanely good...can't wait to check it out.