July 21, 2008

brunchsnackinnerap- national mechanics, standard tap, memphis taproom, and the new dos segundos

Brunch is a pormanteau combining breakfast and luncheon.
It usually lasts less than two hours unless you're me, Johnny and April.

Then it'll last ten hours.

And it becomes brunchsnackinnerap.
breakfast. lunch. snack. dinner. nightcap.
Okay so that was really bad...but I am a bit brain dead today after our sunday stroll.

We kicked things off with DJ Apt One at National Mechanics. I saw it mentioned on phoodie, and was intrigued. Some funk. Some Frittatta.
Make my own Bloody with 30 different sauce options, why not? (I picked liquid smoke for my main sauce).

I opted for Eggs Maryland. A take on Benedict sans ham add crabcake. They laid the Hollandaise on thick.. Just like I like it. Johnny was feeling fruity (again) and ordered a salad with mango, grapefruit and avocado. As refreshing as it sounded, I needed to stay on the savory side of ordering. Plus I thought the crabcake would pair well with a Bloody Mary rimmed in Old Bay.

Got a text from Lance that he was done his project for the day and he was off to the Standard.
I was biked down there and had a saison and a pils. It was a bit too hot for outside, so we sat by a window and got the slightest breeze coming in. A few beers, a few friends.
It was a nice Sunday afternoon.

We could have said goodbye. We could have been mature adults that do productive things on Sunday like laundry.

No, Memphis Taproom is two minutes away...and Johnny and April haven't been in its awesomeness yet. Big surprises in store for us. My little sis is home for the weekend from New York and she's two blocks away. She comes and joins us...Spanky breaks out a Cantillon rarity, the London Porter is tasting great, April picks up a spontaneous Petsitting job--=
And the nice Sunday afternoon turns into a Nicer Sunday evening.

We carry on. and on. and eventually make our way back to 2nd st. to check out the new Dos Segundos. Decent crowd for a Sunday as I am sure many other people wanted to see the newest addition to Northern Libs.

Taps included..
Jever Pils
Blue Point Toasted Lager
PBC Rowhouse Red
Founders Centennial IPA (hit of the list)
Dos Equis
and one more.

It definitely had a Cantina Los Cabalitos feel to it.
I didn't get a chance to chat with the bartenders much.
and I didn't get a chance to eat...so a mandatory visit is in order sooner than later.

Lance and I biked off towards Fairmount.
I showered away my ten hour brunch, drank two much needed glasses of water, and got eight hours of sleep.

Laundry is piled up. Wood Floors need a wax. In Pursuit of Ale's press kit remains non-existent.
But a fantastic day despite the undone.

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