July 22, 2008

DFH 60 Min and some Sass on 2nd St.

I stopped in at the renovated SASSAFRAS in Old City last week.

I always liked this bar. It goes on a very short list of old city bars that could get a Jackson or two out of me.

There was not as much fanfare I would've expected when DonalMcCoy (Serrano/Tin Angel) and Neil Laughlin (Eulogy) took over late Spring. And there should've been.
The place looks great.

They polished it up, added some eye-pleasing wallpaper, eye pleasing staff- but kept the same cuisine that won over loyal bar guests needing a little lamb burger in their life in the late nineties.

Staff cleans up more than nice as they where traditional bar keep from yesteryear.

Draughts are being revamped. Dogfish 60 Min is your best bet right now. But based on their Alma Mater of Eulogy, both partners are adept in developing a palate pleasing list.

When to go?

Try a tuesday night. They have live jazz downstairs. And you won't have to worry about stepping out into the disaster that is a weekend on 2nd ST.

Or perhaps after taking in a Ritz film.

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