July 21, 2008

Distrito Debuts tonight....hablemos de la cerveza

There is a bounty of food and bev blogs that have gotten the sneak peak at the new DISTRITO opening tonight @ 40th and Chestnut...
Check Food and DRinq, foobooz or the clog for pics.

I kept my camera in its case Friday evening as I got to drink and dine at Jose Garces new University City Mega Restaurant. I promised not to rush home and blog about what I saw.
But I can tell you as wrestlers drive crowds wild with excitement in Mexico City, Garces will accomplish the same in University City. (you'll understand the analogy a bit better when you go).

As the other blogs mention-It's got the much talked about Volkswagon beetle table, a secret karaoke room hidden behind a bookshelf lined with Orange Sodas, Fun Spinning wicker chairs, a wall covered in wrestling masks, their own wrestling mascot Mr. Distrito and pretty kick ass cuisine that I will refrain from writing about. Just one word...esquites. Get the esquites.

What I will write about is what I always want to write about...
The beer in the coolers of DISTRITO.

The menu includes everything from refreshing atun ceviche and tons of tacos to rich moles.
So the beer menu for a Mexican restaurant needs to be just as varied. Corona, tecate and sol shouldn't be the sole options. But Garces is beer savvy, hires smart, and maintains nice craft lists at his other locations, Amada and Tinto. That attention to draft detail will carry over to Distrito as well.

DISTRITO will be tapping
Victory Prima Pils
Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale
Sly Fox Saison
Dos Equis Amber
Dock St.
and Dock St. Chef's choice.

Perhaps you had a sneak preview of the Chef's choice at the Royal Stumble when this masked man was pouring it...It is a lime kolsch. Fava zested for 6 hours to produce a great natural lime character. It should pair up amazingly well with the esquites-=-= sweet corn, queso fresco, chipotle and fresh lime.

Two of the interesting bottle options are Red Pig and Rogue Chipotle ale.
The Red Pig is under the Coors/Molson umbrella. However, it is considered a microbrew in Mexico. It's an amber ale. The hint o' malt should complement the moles nicely.

Most of you probably have not sampled the Red Pig. I have never seen it before.
But you may have had the Rogue Chipotle Ale... The recipe is based on Rogue Oregon's Golden Ale which is gently spiced with chipotles.

Chipotles are smoked and dried jalapeƱo peppers...So you probably want to match it up with one of the menu offerings incorporating a smoked meat or sauce. Perhaps the camarones y chorizo tacos.

Its recommended that you get about 3 dishes if you go per person.
Open for dinner for as of tonight.
Amateur food reviewer April Annie is going and she's promised to do a guest blog tomorrow.

Below she is pictured at Xochitl.

Reservations available at Open Table

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