July 14, 2008

Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant in the Garden State. Yet another reason to cross the bridge

A few weeks back, when Lance and I were headed back from Vermont, we took a detour to Orange Co. New Jersey and went to GASLIGHT. In addition to brewing their own beer, they have guest taps as well. Sly Fox even has some time on the tower here and there.

The Gaslight is family owned and operated--= Which is nice. Dan is the head honcho.
His one son was behind the bar, and his other in the brewery.

They had on very well-crafted California Common. They had on a dry stout which was pretty good as well. It through me off because they had a Guinness handle... but Mark assured me it was their own....

Three things really surprised me...
*Until you are about 1/2 mile from the tavern, "things" are a little...interesting. Then suddenly you are by Seton Hall's campus and "things" are- well- normal-- Nice Architecture, standard Starbucks, etc...
* Despite the expansive draught list...many bar goers were drinking bottles of Stone Pale Ale, even thought there was not a sign to be seen that it was a featured special. Just because?

* They had GREAT food.

After a six hour drive, a monsoon at the Connecticut NY border, and a speeding ticket, I was in need on something delicious. Although I am trying to cut down on my pig intake...

I am my father's daughter and I do love me some wiggly.

I wish the Gaslight was a tad closer...New Jersey has a lot of beer lovers...and not enough places for them to love. High ST. Grill, Andy's corner, Cork, Gaslight, and a few others but not many.
Looking forward to reading through Lew Bryson's and Mark Haynie's new Tour Guide of the New Jersey beer scene!

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