July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday DAD!

July 15, 1946 enter Michael C. Woods. My pops.

Yesterday was his 62nd Birthday. I called him around 11 and he was just delighted for his day.
An avid fisherman, a proud father (except for my recent speeding ticket), and a prouder grandfather, he's the greatest guy in the whole world.

Little morsels of wisdom released on me throughout my life remain vivid still.
He taught me about the ideology of communism during the Korean War.
He taught me to get the chip off my shoulder. Life jerks you around and you deal with it.
Seems pretty simple right. But seeing him over the course of the last ten years, he was living proof that you make the best of situations.

I pay parking tickets because of him.
I eat way too many pork products because of him.
I have an affinity for Roy Orbison because of him.
I like a good story because of him. I like his stories best. Lance is a close second. He's a great storyteller.

He taught me the art of driving. Not getting behind the wheel as much as the beauty of a Sunday drive.

He announced that he would retire in September today.
I can't wait to hit Bellmawr and not catch any fish later this summer.

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