July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to you Art Etchells!

Jay Brooks over at the Bulletin is the chief blogger of Birthdays nationwide.
But sometimes there are some friends of mine that I will selfishly use IHAS as another medium to wish them a Happy day.

ToDAY is my buddy ART ETCHELL'S birthday.
In addition to putting up with Johnny Goodtimes mood swings and cats, and workin at Traffic.com, he's the founder of FOOBOOZ.com

We'll toast his 39 years with Micheladas at Distrito tonight.

In other birthday news, Garret Oliver will be toasting somewhere tonight as well. Maybe I'll drink a Brooklyn Local one in his honor. I celebrated his life by purchasing the "Brewmasters Table" for the THIRD time this week.
I better not lose it this time.


  1. Aww thanks. Mighty nice of ya!

  2. DUDE! nice t-shirt! I have it too. it's the greatest t-shirt ever made. Happy b-day.