July 18, 2008

Happy Hour @ Southwark- Buy fresh and Buy Local Week continues

There are so many reasons to buy local.

But one of the more selfish reasons is the food just TASTES so much better.
This was reaffirmed once again last night at Southwark.

Blue Coat Gin and Sly Fox were guests in the Southwark house.
Happy Happy hour goers off sly fox beers and BlueCoat Cocktails, and Southwark even tapped a firkin for the first time.

The Pale ale was T a s t y, cascade and centennial hops most present.

A nice crowd came out. Not as crazy as the Buy Fresh Buy Local happy hour of last year. I guess when you don't have "free beer" advertised in the Metro.

I sampled the Fried Green Tomatoes, Grilled Peach Salad, and Goat Cheese. Every bite was to be savored. If you haven't been to 4th and Bainbridge lately, you should make a point to do so.

Kip, Sheri, George and southwark family are serving up some of finest dishes and drinks in Philadelphia's. And they might just have the nicest Orchids around...

Tomorrow Buy Fresh Buy Local fun continues under the Shambles at Head house square with
the Great Food, Great Beer, and the rest if History annual event.
Beer is complimentary from 10 local breweries, including Sly Fox;)
Food is available through tickets. $22 gets you 3 plates and $30 gets you five.

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  1. not to get off the subject but are you ever gonna post about your pittsburgh trip . im going there next month and wanna know where to go . dont wanna drink iron city all weekend