July 19, 2008

Here you go anonymous-=-=-=Steel City recapped!

The Incline

I am not feeling so hot so I will make this brief but recap our adventures in Pittsburgh.
We were mostly there for a wedding, but managed to hit 5 breweries from the time we left till the time we got back.
On the way there we stopped at Appalachian. Where we got a bite to eat...and a great tour.
The food was okay. they had an interesting selection of beer and cheese dips.
I am a big fan of their rootbeer so we stocked up on that to go.

Appalachian is about 2 hours from Philly and another 3 or so to Pittsburgh.

Day 2 we crammed a bunch in.

Started off with Dee's Dogs. It's a hot dog emporium with craft beer. They even have a beer cave in the back which is like a foodery. The hot dogs were delicious! This was a highlight of the trip and if you are headed to Pittsburgh, its a must stop.

We had a random stop by Pittsburgh brewing Co. I was peaking in the locked doors when the owner approached me and invited us in.
They have been in a financial struggle for some time now.
The brewery best known for Icy light claims to be the first light beer in a can, and the first producer of aluminum bottles.

The owner gave us a tour of the breweriana room but not the actual production brewery. He was pleasant enough but probably wouldn't be able to describe the brewing process if you asked him.This is actually an old Fire Extinguisher

And below, this is the sign announcing the brewery close for Prohibition

On to Penn-==-= Penn Brewery won first place for the Weizenbock at the World Beer Cup in April beating out Schneider Aventinus- so I was definitely looking forward to going there and trying some of their beers fresh at the brewery.

It had a biergarten set up to it inside and out. Beer was pretty good if I remember correctly. I believe I had a Pilsner.

Then on to Church Brew Works- another must stop. When I am feeling better I will edit this and include details about what section of Pittsburgh these bars and breweries were in.
The building looks magnificent right around 4:45 in the afternoon. The short story is the Church of John the Baptist was going to be torn down to be developed as a parking lot or garage.
The gentleman stepped forward and decided to turn it into a brewery.

The brewery is actually located on the old altar.
They get a mixed crowd there of tourists and regulars. We were there around happy hour.
Lance took better pics than I did.

Most people will tell you to go to fatheads. I didn't think it was anything special.
Beer selection was okay. Service could have been better. The crowd was sort of annoying.

We hit a place called Smoking Joes which had a fair selection. I would liken it to Mcgillin's perhaps.

We were pretty much caught up with wedding activities after that but we did hit a good brunch at Point Brugge. I think it is the only Belgian Bar in Pittsburgh. Female Owner...It's a charming little place with great food. I enjoyed a Corsendonk pale. Haven't had one in a while.

On the way back- we took a MAJOR detour to selinsgrove, PA. I have heard wonderful things about their rustic brewpub over the years.
They had a light far emenu consisteing mostly of sandwiches. The bartender couldn't have been more friendly...beth was her name I believe.
It was pouring while we were there....And they were closing in an hour.
It definitely warrants a return visit. The bar is housed in the old Governor's house.
It's as cozy as cozy gets...and the beer was as good as a beer could be after you've been "wedding drinking" for four days.

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  1. wow that was quick !!! thats why i enjoy your blog so much . i havent been to fatheads yet but something tells me ill have the same opinion as you . thanks again keep up the good work you and lew bryson make reading about beer so enjoyable