July 4, 2008

Kite and Key open for business- Brunch at the Royal or do it up like the founding fathers did

Happy Fourth of July-=-=-=

I am going to take it fairly easy tonight after I celebrated our nation's independence last night at Triumph and the new KITE AND KEY by 19th and Callowhill.

I left my camera at My friend Megan Dunn's house-=-so no pics of the new pub just yet.
They did a major revamp from the former Savannah's.  The place was packed welcoming a nice crowd that probably supported Jim in his days at Bishop's Collar.

I didn't get a chance to eat...but enjoyed a few beers.  The good bad news is that Sly Fox Saison was the first beer to kick that night-=-=

I'll throw out two recommendations for fourth activities
-=-two places I used to work at actually...

*City Tavern- go enjoy a YARDS ale- one of the revoluntionary recipes of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson- sit on the patio, and check out the bonneted babes at 2nd and Walnut.


*ROYAL TAVERN-=-  Bella Vista's favorite bar in hosting brunch FOUR days.  this week.
If you've never been to brunch there- you should go.

happy fireworks!

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