July 24, 2008

Lance Romance gets beer club envy !

Last night Beer Club, In Pursuit of Ale, met at Good Dog.
And by beer club I mean me and a new member Elizabeth.

This happens every once in a while. I just assume everyone is saving up for other events.
Plus we had no real agenda last night other than to make sure we drink Sly Fox Weisse cans.

I wasn't too concerned. But Lance felt that if Beer club could be just two people then him and Dave Garry the snarky owner from the emerald isle decided they would form their own beer club. Just the two of them. Lance names it
In Pursuit of Lager
. The picture above shows he's obviously not having a good time with it.

Its certainly no In Pursuit of Ale.
Lance also confirmed that he started a Tequila Club last night. With the words In Pursuit also in club title, In Pursuit of Anejo. Tequila club has four members. Dave Garry is not one of them.
Apparently Tequila club makes you look like this .
Did Lance take it too far?
Trying to compete with In Pursuit of Ale?

I hope Lance realizes that jealousy is a dangerous disease.
He should take this quiz sometime soon before he starts wanting to be a Beer Rep.


  1. Hmmm....
    Main Entry: snarky

    1 : sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner

  2. Steve OdabashianJuly 25, 2008 at 3:15 PM

    Yes, but WHO WENT TO UKI BAR???

  3. erica and i want to join the tequila club too. but i'm wondering if L is still speaking to you after posting those flattering pics.

  4. I had every intention of going on Wednesday night, but MC Sundance E beer-blocked me and went to play poker with his friends, leaving me a single mom while he frittered all our grocery money away on games of chance.