July 30, 2008

The making of a Tied House

Only those that own and operate restaurants know the struggle that one endures prior the "Friends and Family" soft opening.

L and I can be beyond brutal. They are in no rush to have you open your doors and let the cash flow begin.

Of course, Philadelphia foodies anxious for the next spot will gripe about the delays but no one wants the door open more than the people that paid for the door.

One of the doors to open in the next couple months is Tied House.
It'll be located at 2001 Hamilton St. in the former Sushi spot, Gogi.
You probably already know this.

Tied house: is a public house that is required to buy at least some of its beer from a particular brewery unlike free houses, which are able to choose the beers they stock freely.

It will be brought to you by the family of Chris Leonard of General Lafayette in. Not Leonard himself because he owns a brew pub.

The Leonards will open with at least 10 of Chris's beers on tap. He's been saving and aging a bunch of stuff to knock our proverbial socks off. There will be guest beers that rotate, but that remains undecided whether it will focus on American craft or local craft. As far as the towers go...there will be no tap markers.

I talked with them on Saturday and got the green light to follow their progress on beerlass.com
Stay tuned for photos, interviews, developing menus, lamenting over l and I, etcetera.


  1. Funny. When I read "L and I", I thought you meant you and Lance. OK. Then I couldn't imagine why the Leonards would "lament" over the two you. Ohhhhhh, that L&I.

  2. I movied out of Fairmount to the burbs a litle more than 7 mos ago and the Tied House is just another reminder of what a beer haven the Art Museum area is. I shed a tear knowing I was no longer in walking distance of The Bishop's Collar, Bridgid's, The Belgian Cafe, St Stephen's Green, and Rembrandt's. Now, the Kite and Key is also open. I have always enjoyed the General Lafayette Inn and Brewery and Chris is great. I am sure the Leonards will do well with the new place. I look forward to following the progress.


  3. So excited and can't wait for the Tied to open!