July 1, 2008

Memphis TapRoom makes a rivalry friendly over beer and tasty sanwiches

Lance and I just came off of an exciting weekend in Steel City. We managed to squeeze a bunch in...
*including a trip to Appalachian on the way out.
*Church Brew Works
*Penn Brewing
*Pittsburgh Brewing Co (think i.c light)
*Point Brugge
*Smokin Joes
*On way back...Selinsgrove Brewery.

Pics and "picks and pans" to follow but for right now...

From the Memphis Tap Room Crew-=-
For Immediate Consumption :: Pittsuburgh Ex-Pat Happy Hour

From the office of "Things-That-Are-Rarely-Celebrated-In-Phil
ly" Memphis Taproom (at the corner of Memphis and cumberland streets brings you
a happy hour for all Pittsburgh ex-pats and the people
who tolerate them. Join us TONIGHT, Tuesday July 1 from 5-7pm for beers
from Penn Brewery, the Memphis Taproom "Ode to a Primanti Brothers Sandwich"
and $2 Iron City bottles.

Memphis Taproom is located at 2331 E. Cumberland Stre
in Port Richmond (at the corner of Memphis + Cumberland Streets)

Philadelphia, PA 19125

1 comment:

  1. Hey Suzanne,
    I always try to catch your blog but have to admit I have missed the last few postings. I was surprised to read that you were recently in Pittsburgh and hit a few of my favorite beer spots. Fat Heads, Smokin Joes and the Church Brew Works are all great beer places. I am from Pittsburgh but currently live in Philly and I was happy to hear you enjoyed your journey west. Unfortunately I missed the Pittsburgh Ex-Pat Happy Hour at the Memphis Taproom, but it's good to know that it's now scheduled as a monthly event. This is perfect for all of us Pittsburgh transplants who want a little taste of home.

    Always a Pittsburgher,
    Brian P