July 15, 2008

No Mud, plenty of beer, plenty of Stumblin'- Royal Stumble 2008

All lined up....ready to eventually stumble

The Royal Stumble has come and gone...and I think at least a few of us got "mud in our eye."
This year's theme was Mud Wrestling. Actual mud was not permitted- with good reason.
Shakespeare once said," “Mud not the fountain that gave drink to thee."

And be grateful Casey Hughes didn't have a hose.

Triumph Hotties...
Troeg's Hottie gettin' it done...

Triumph won the belt with finishing their keg of Saison in 60 minutes. Ian, a bartender at Triumph, was accompanied by 5 lovely ladies that helped pour pitchers. Ian had mentioned that
"Jay would be proud." He would indeed. The program also included some nice words about our friend in brewing that left us last month. Here a few shots of the Triumph...

There was laughter. Lew laugher nonetheless...
And there was rumblin'and there was stumblin'

Nobody really knew who I as....there was a tagteam in G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)
called the Housewives...they would come to the ring with mops and mud masks...I was Phyllis Brownwyn was Arlene...
Here's the real ladies...if you can call them that...just hear them rap!
Brownwyn and I will have to work on our Newark accents for Halloween.

Scott Baver came as himself pouring Legacy Midnight Wit...
Above: The Manayunk Brewpub duo Chris Firey and Bill Young and Ron, Firey's best friend.
Below: Wendy( Dogfish Head)-rumored to perhaps wear a singlet to the event, kept it clean while pushing the Festina Peche
Dan Conway- pouring his new brewpub...

Didn't see Fergie there...but apparently he was ...

Corneila, Wynkoop Beer Drinker of the year 2001 made it up from North Carolina to get muddy

Your host..."thank God its over"....until next year on July 11.
Photo Credits : Stephen Lyford


  1. steve odabashianJuly 15, 2008 at 3:23 PM

    your Housewives outfit is awesome. I remember that, of course.

  2. Soul Patrol is way cooler than the Housewives. Check out those outfits!!

  3. Outstanding!! Looks like a helluva time.