July 7, 2008

P R o M ! A look at potential guests...

Ahh.. remember the prom? Of course you do.
Who was going to ask you? Would you go with your best friend?
What would you wear?
Would your parents let you go to the post party?
What would be your theme song?
Would you boycott if it was "wonderful tonight?"

A few months ago Casey Hughes and my best pal Johnny were tossing around the idea of organizing a prom.

We started to throw around potential locations and dates. To date it hasn't come into fruition.

But leave it to Philly's favorite dj...dj deejay-and PAPERSTREET to turn back time.
This Friday, he'll be playing all your favorite 80s prom hits on the MOSHULU.

Open bar from 10:30 till 11:30.
$5 before 11
$7 after

That's even less loot than the actual prom. I can't wait.
I wonder what my prom date Jason Yi is up to. He probably wouldn't go with me since I barely danced with him in 1996.

Once I found out about the prom...I called Beer Club vice president, April Annie immediately.

This was April before she found out about prom...just going about her days...and
this is
how she feels knowing that

she'll be shaking it too WHAM this Friday....

Bronwyn also had a serious mood swing when she found out about prom this Friday...
Once She got the phone call....
Mike Fava, despite a recent promotion was also hoping for a ray of light in his life...
But then he heard...

This is so exciting...So many questions.
Who's going? Who are they going to ask?

Ryan Neibhur?
Art Etchells...hmm..
Jack Curtin...thinkin' about it...maybe he'll ask a loyal liquid diet reader?
Dave is just not sure? Perhaps a gal from monday night quiz jawn?
Will Jay Brooks pay a surprise visit?
Will Stewarts brewing company be represented? Are Ric's moves as good as his Karaoke?

Brian Adoff, philly founder of Punk Rock workout, is making the call...
Joe Gunn is daydreaming about going if he can get a babysitter...
As is Will Reed...

Looks like Ron Johnson has it locked up...

April looks like she does too...

Did she Sadie Hawkins Dan Conway?
She said yes!
He's got a sitter!
Will Nick and Meg have the $7 cover if they're saving for a wedding?
Will Casey Parker ask Jenny Hobbs?
Is Tracy asking local beer afficianado John Doherty?
Why the thumbs up? Is Casey Hughes going with the 15th st Paul Rutherford lookalike crackhead?
Jim Wiggins has been to the tailor already...
Will Tim and Casey go despite being 8 months pregnant?

Will Chris and Dee be announced king and queen?
Maybe local homebrewers dana and bryan will take top honors...
Will Tim Stumpf ditch he's fiance for the Feast of Fools?

Liz obvioously doesn't know what to say to John McClure...She needs to go the ladies room and think about it.

Renata's gotta work at South Philly Tap Room...No prom for her.
No job. No prom.

Tanner is thinking about who he wants to ask.
To only find out he's too young to go...

Lance isn't happy about the announcement...
He once told me that Weddings are proms for adults.
That kinda makes me think that he might not want to go.

Will I have to beg him?

Will I ask my best friend? Then dance with other people?

Will I go stag?Will Woody ask me and lance will end up having to pay someone to go with him?

Will Steve Mashington sleep through the prom?
And Who will be prom king?
Flying Fish Royalty?
Dan Bengal?
Lew Bryson?

My vote's on Scoats...

- it's going to be brill. It's going to be big time.

MOSHULU- columbus blvd. 10:30 on Friday. ANyOne want to share a Limo?
If you can't make it...

See you all down and dirty at the ROYAL STUMBLE @ Nodding Head on Saturday.

Stay tuned for the PROM RECAP.
who got in a fight?
who danced a little too close?
Any wallflowers drinking too much punch?



  1. Steve OdabashianJuly 7, 2008 at 12:55 PM

    pre-Prom party at the Piano Bar on 20th and Arch (where most of what I play is 80s music anyway).

    5 to 8:30.

    Steve Odabashian
    (I am doing Wed nights now too (from 7:30 to midnight)

  2. I'm sleeping through it. Either that or Lance and I are going to listen to bluegrass and drink whiskey and be non-prom goers. Unless of course they have bluegrass and whiskey on this boat, then we might change our minds.

  3. does anyone have a larger collection of in the biz folks suitable for roasts!? Can't believe you won the wrestling match with Blogger to get all those pics in here. Mr.Mr.

  4. Holy Crap! So many questions, so I'll stick to just three. What if Chris and "Lance" both show up? Will there be a dance off aka Jets and Sharks? How pissed will Spencer be when he finds out that his bro Ryan is going to be on the cover of Tiger Beat? And will "For Eyes" give away free eye exams to whoever votes for me to be prom king?

  5. hahahaha. i think i peed my pants this was so funny. and i kid you not, 'wonderful tonight' was my prom theme song.

  6. It was definitely "nominated" but we ended up with In my Life.
    With versions played by the beatles as well as Bette Midler.

    But I am rather certain the class before me and after had Wonderful Tonight....

    royalties for Clapton?

  7. Alas I will have to miss the prom. I'll be working. It's Xmas in July at The Grey Lodge that night, with Sly Fox Xmas Ale and loads of other Christmas beers on tap and in bottles.

  8. Perfect! I can just sleep in my tux on Friday night and be all ready for the Stumble on Saturday morning!

  9. The good news about prom when you're 30 is that you can do more than just prom....

    I am going to welcome Dos Segundos to Northern Liberties at 4...make my way to Grey Lodge Christmas in July afterwards...
    then go home and break out the curling iron, and eyelash extensions...ready my self for prom.

  10. mine was Hold On To The Nights by Richard Marx....sheesh, what memories!

  11. Suz, that was GREAT. I had to shut my office door since i was laughing sooo loud. Loved it

  12. Thank god you couldn't find a drunk picture of me. Oh, wait a minute...

  13. Our prom song was Billy Joel's "This is the Time". I nominated "Hit it Run" by Run DMC, and when it wasn't picked, I opted out of the prom and went to the Phillies game instead (and they were HORRIBLE back then).

  14. sssooooo, who danced? who pouted? who cried? who was best dressed? least dressed?! did anyone drink too much grain? was the last dance, Last Dance? where was the after party? did anyone get busted by the fuzz? whose gossip column will carry the dirt? will the yearbook have all the pictures? YFF