July 25, 2008

Stewart's is celebrating their 13th birthday tomorrow in Bear, De.
Less than an hour away from Philadelphia.
Why go? Because Ric and Eric craft some of the best beer around. But you can' t get it in PA.

The fun times are from 11-8.
In a parking lot. With a possible Fire Truck!
(that makes two Fire truck references this week).
It seems as though Stewart's is going “all out,” literally.
Here's what the marvelous Ric Hoffman had to say:

"it’s our  1st time outside
big event with music, grilled food, families, cotton candy, sno-cones, and
hopefully a
firetruck. But... we're only pouring the house beers
outside, plus hefeweizen. We'll still have some other seasonals
inside the restaurant, like Dubbel, Cherry Dubbel, Stumblin' Monk,
and possibly a new Pilsner…"
Plus there's a good chance you can get some play time with Sage.

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