July 27, 2008

Tune in tonight: Will Philly's beer-loving, barbecue-obsessed Adam Gertler be the next Food Network Star??

Tonight on the Food Network tune in at 10:00 pm to see if hometown grillaholic Adam Gertler has what it takes to be a full time foodnetworker!

Why do us beer afficianados want him to win ? ? ? Besides the fact that we're fanatical about Philly?

He made beer can chicken using Oskar Blues OLD CHUBB!

It would be pretty nice to have a guy in our craft court rooting for us on the old tube.

North 3rd will be hosting a screening party tonight after 9. If you don't have rise and shine too early... I would go and support.

1 comment:

  1. For his sake, I hope he wins.
    But for my sake, I hope he loses narrowly, and then uses the publicity to get a re-incarnation of the Smoked Joint started somewhere in a better location. There aren't enough restaurants in Philadelphia that give you terry-cloth napkins.