July 28, 2008

We missed them, they missed us...Elysian returns to Philadelphia this Sept.

What Jack Curtin wrote as The "artisanal collaboration" of Elysian And New Belgium is certainly big Blog news this week.

Both breweries are very well respected. One remains a largescale brewpub on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The other is the third largest craft brewery in the country. They serve as possibly the best role models for sustainability in our industry.

Only one has ever been available in Pennsylvania...Elysian, however Elysian pulled out of the market some time ago.

I just got word that they're back. This is great news.
The beer will be available as of September. I am not sure how much of the portfolio is pa bound though.

Now inquiring minds might be curious- with this recent alliance, will a little La Folie start floating around?


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