August 11, 2008

Beer by Hood: Take a tour with Beer Reporter Joe Sixpack

These videos were uploaded to Viddler last April, but I am guessing you never saw them...because I never saw them.

Follow Beer Reporter, Joe Sixpack, as he takes you on neighborhood beer tours of Philadelphia.

Visit with William Reed of Standard Tap, Jeff Slick of the Foodery, Kevin Mayberry of Ortliebs in Northern Liberties. The center city one is great as he visits with Tom Peters of Monks, Chris Mullins of Mcgillins Old Ale House and Jon Myerow of TRIA.

There are a lot of fun facts woven through the videos. Enjoy.


  1. I'd only seen the Northern Liberties one before ...thanks for the links!

  2. great links...thanks....gotta check more of these places out