August 25, 2008

Bite of the Week: The Esquites Edition

The best thing I had to eat all week WAS @.......
The Kite and the Key on 18th and Callowhill.

Corn on the cob. With a Twist.
Cilantro Lime butter, Shaved Grana and Chipotle Mayo Sauce. (sauce on the side so you can apply according to preference).

It gets "Bite of the Week" Partly because it was so good and partly because I was so surprised to see it on the menu. "Esquites" is as welcome as a saison for me in the summertime.
A few spots I have enjoyed mexican inspired cob at in the past...

*Cantina Los Caballitos
*DISTRITO (deconstructed in a glass by layers of corn and aoili)

And if you just want simply delicious corn- cob it up at STANDARD TAP

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