August 21, 2008

The (e)volution of Sly Fox

It's a good day to be Sly Fox. Well a good month and year if you want to go broader.

Things were taking off last October, when Brewmaster, Brian O'Reilly and his brew crew won the Gold medal at the Great American Beer Fest for Pikeland Pils.

Fast forward to summer of 2008 when both the Main Line Today and Philadelphia Magazine awarded it "BEST OF"

and NOW we've got a NEW WEBSITE...
Check it out.

If you go to the news section you can get the scoop on how I got into this crazy world o' beer.

Here are just a few of the bars you should have a SLY FOX in if you haven't been there yet...
Kite and Key - Saison
St. Stephens Green - Pils
South Philly Tap Room- I think they tapped our saison brune
Cherry st Tavern- 113 IPA
Khyber -Once our BLOB ale (imperial red) kicks...saison vos
TIME- O'reilly's Stout
Rembrandts- Pale Ale
Brigids- Saison to be followed by Saison Brune.
Tria- Royal Weisse
Good Dog- carry our on off Pub Ale and then Scwarzbier
Standard Tap- carrying our Pub ale

if you want to venture outside the city a bit...
Mcmenamins is putting us into rotation more and more
Issac Newtons has been pouring the PILS


  1. Spiffy new website! I also enjoyed the mini-background on how you got so hooked on beer.

  2. McMenamin's is in the city of Phila.

  3. Mt. Airy is not outside the city (technically). That's my hood!

  4. Congrats on the cameo in the newsletter, Suz!

    (gonna go grab a can of Sly Fox Dunkel now...=-D