August 20, 2008

Go Spanky Go! Spanky schools the 10! Show on Beer

J C brings us video footage of the Spankifying of the 10! show.

Brendan "Spanky" Hartranft of the Memphis Taproom is a perfect ambassador for better beer in Philadelphia.

He visits with Lori Wilson and Bill Henley at the 10 Show! and schools them and the audience on beer.

Spanky features Pikeland Pils, Dogfish 90 min., Orval and Celebrator Doppelbock.

I like his "Its so fresh, its so exciting" comment about Pikeland Pils.

I watch the 10! show from time to time and he was one of the better guests to come along in a while. Michael Solomonov of Zahav was also pretty funny a few weeks ago.

MEMPHIS TAPROOM will host Mystery Beer Weekend Aug. 29, 30, 31
Get the scoop on their

Fabulous potable prizes for winner.

These guys are pretty much my heroes.
Well Chris Morris, and these guys.

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