August 7, 2008

Here goes nothing, or maybe everything

alright I'm off to tap the cask. Just stopped back home to freshen up and put on some black.
I was going to wear pink, but then you'd still be able to see the stains of framboise as the darker pink.
This way they will be masked by my dress noir.
Here goes nothing. Or maybe everything. Maybe I will be ostracized by the beer community after this...who knows.
It should be fun though.
Hope to see you there @ Triumph at 6.

Also remember all you can eat crabs at Joses with Heavy Seas beers then South Philly Tap Room Allagash night with the venerable Rob Todd.

I'd like to say decisions, decisions. But the true beer pursuer could do all three.

1 comment:

  1. How did it go? Hopefully someone has a picture?