August 20, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho its the birthday of STEVE O!

Steve Odabashian. Wow what a human being.

*A one man quizzo machine
*Andy Reid impersonator
*Piano Playing Parody Genious (wierd Al's got nothing on you)

Steve's a special guy.

One day I asked him to learn Pete Townshend's "Let my Love Open the Door" for his piano routine. He went home practiced it and now it's on his song list.
Of course with his own twist to it.

The part that goes "When People keep repeating that you'll never fall in love..."
he keeps repeating the repeating....
maybe that was too much for you to handle right now. But its really funny.

He also switches up the lyrics of "Purple rain" to "Alycia Lane."
And just like Prince never gets old, neither does Steve's rendition.

And neither does Steve. Despite the fact that its his birthday.

My present to him would be a tasting of different pilsners to get him the hell off of Miller Lite.

If you've never seen STeve Play at the Piano BAr at 20th and ARCH
(formerly known as cascamorto) TONIGHT is your night. 8 pm

You feel like your on vacation in your own city.
PLUS- Sly Fox cans on on their way to the coolers...

and here's pete...

and just in case you wanted the Steve Carrell/ Dane Cook version


  1. Wow! Thanks Ginger.

  2. The Sly Fox has arrived.