August 15, 2008

I won 6 international lotteries in the last 6 hours!

Are you guys as lucky as me?

Because I’m pretty lucky.
Apparently, I am a trillionaire and the people of Great Britain consider me esteemed.

Suddenly the fact that my bike got stolen, my roommate, young jenny hobbs' bike got stolen, my phone got stolen, my new lounge chair got stolen, my car got broken into, my beer samples got stolen, my camera lens won't shut, and my street needs a crime watch really doesn't seem to matter.

Because every single day of my life I win 6 international lotteries.

I don’t even have to work anymore.

I can just paint pottery for lance all day.


  1. i was serious when i suggested the "crackheads stole my shit benefit"

  2. At least you win. All I get are emails from the offspring of some foreign dignitaries, who were left a boatload of dough. And all I have to give them is my bank account #. Geesh. Sorry about your stuff getting stolen. What kind of bike was it? I know this guy .....