August 4, 2008

I'm the tapper @ the Triumph Tapping Thursday night

Come join Patrick Jones, myself and the Triumph team as we tap a barrel of FRAMBOISE on Thursday night at 6 pm sharp.

If the cloyingly sweet Lindemans is for you, than this might not be.
However, this is a good thing.
Jones's framboise weighs in at 6% abv.

Tart and Sweet dance harmoniously.

All drafts are $3 during Happy hour from 5 till 7.


I’ve never officially tapped a cask before.

I always wuss out last minute.

But it looks like I’m all out of free passes.

I’ll be wearing a Fuschia shirt in case there are any mishaps.

Come drink great beer and watch me mortify myself.


  1. just don't take any pointers from Lance's whacks with the bat on Saturday :-p

  2. Swingin' for the bleachers.