August 7, 2008

In Pursuit of Ale @ the Latest Dish recap

Scott Schroeder, chef at the Latest Dish, prepared a five course meal for the beer club last night.

The Pilsner and shrimp were the perfect way to start things off. Both so refreshing in the midst of a summer swelter. I knew when I saw "Shrimp cocktail" on the menu that Scott would jazz it up somehow. I wouldn't feel like I was at a country club. He had the shrimp completely peeled and lightly tossed in a house made cocktail sauce of sorts. One that was almost void of horseradish. The addition of fresh tomatoes were a perfect accompaniment.

the pairings
shrimp cocktail
Sly fox pike pils

tempura avocado, soy syrup and chile oil
Steel head pale ale
I haven't had this beer in sometime. It's extremely drinkable! Being an Extra Pale Ale...its very mild on the hops. Although hazy, it was crisp enough to wash away the tempura. This was one of my favorites of the evening. Steelhead also had a women brewer for 17 years before she took off on a brewing road trip. If you want to read about Teri's adventures, go here.

beer mussels with leeks
Lucifer golden ale
Belgian Beer and Mussels are a give. My photo turned out awful (worse than the other ones) so I am not posting it.

pork mignon with peaches and gorgonzola
Corsendonk pale ale
Corsendonk was also founded by a woman. The great granddaughter of Gambrinus actually.
This was the gem of the night! I am really trying to watch my pork intake...but I made an exception tonight. I think I made an exception a few days ago too.

A mild depression came over me when I took my last bite. In the Brewmaster's table, Garrett Oliver mentions that gorgonzola and pork are perfect pairings for Corsendonk.
The peaches complemented the sweetness of the belgian abbey pale ale.

chocolate pie
Anderson valley summer solstice
Although I don't have too much of a sweet tooth, I did enjoy the chocolate pie. "Chocolate pie" is rather understated . It had a nice pecan/ walnut crust, housemade whipped cream and blue berries. I didn't really enjoy the summer solstice on its own as much as the other beers this evening. But it did pair well with the pie. The corsendonk also cut into the gorgonzola nicely.

As mentioned on other blogs, the Latest Dish has an extensive bottle collection and nightly specials. If you haven't been there in some time, it's worth a revisit.

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