August 1, 2008

A L O H A from Andes, NY

While some industry peers of ours our tying the knot in Hawaii this week, I am saying aloha from Andes, NY in the Catskills.

I've been following the Philly cyclists since Wed. evening.
Although Lance mentions me supporting them with loads of Sly Fox cans we actually haven't had one all trip.

I did manage to represent though. Samples found themselves in the hands of two different places up here. I think by the time I leave- I may even g et a sly fox sticker on the Bar at the Andes Hotel.

The group is holding up just fine. Lance has grown weird facial hair, Jeff and Lara are still a happy couple. Don apparently enjoyed the bath of his dreams. Nick is keeping the group humored with funny anecdotes and expletives. This man is not afraid to say the word sh*t three times in thirty seconds. and Peter is just happy as a school teacher in off sesason on an amazing cycling trip. Oh wait, that's exactly who he is.

Food has been great with the exception of a mushroom bisque that was more for the garlic lover than the mushroom lover.

My battery is about to die.
Big surprise.

I am off to delhi than oneonta to try and find Lance a cake. If anyone would like to wish the lad a happy birthday... you can email him at Or just tackle him at Ommegang.

If anyone is reading this that has tried to call me...there is NO service up here. The town as
WiFi but no cellular towers. Frustrating. Hopefully there will be service in Delhi.



  1. look for my brother chris

  2. Hey!

    I go up there (Andes) every year to Camp Nubar (this Armenian camp where we have a retreat/Camp for adults - great time). Was just there a month ago.