August 7, 2008

New stop in the south: The Station Bar and Grill is open

The corner of 16th and Mckean looks a little different this week. The opening of The Station has sparked a lot of conversation and its all good talk.

Lou Maggio has rehabbed Noah's Ark into the Station.

Lou sought out the consulting of Bella Vista Distributors. Jordan and Chris crafted a rather nice line up including locals like Victory lager and Sly Fox OReillys Stout. There's some American craft like Lakefront and Ballast Point on there too. You have probably tasted them around the city by now (1601, Tavern 17, Memphis Tap Room).

I was there prior to its opening and took this mural shot. Sorry no other pics right now.
I got my hands on the menu, and in my constant craze- I can't locate it.
But there's plenty of interesting option on the food and beer side of things.

Lou had been looking for a new bar for a while. He almost settled on an old gas station off of Broad st. When he decided to remodel Noah's Ark instead, he decided to keep the name "Station."

There's a tap gnome guarding the station as well. He's Belgian and Golden and waiting for you to come by and say Hi. Play a game of pool while you're at it. How many bars in the city can you drink a LaChouffe and shoot some stick?

Here's more from Lazor.

The Station Bar and Grille
16th and Mckean


  1. I was there over the weekend and was pleased to see Gen Lafayette's Choc Thunder Porter on draft.

    nice place, but I hope they get their credit card machine working soon!

  2. that place is a chill spot for sure.

  3. that place is a chill spot for sure.

  4. Had a really poor meal here last night, overcooked burger, really skimpy tasteless pulled pork sandwich and overpiced too. Ther server knew nothing about the beers. Complained about my sandwich and got a major attitude.

  5. wow, this place was good at one time?