August 8, 2008

Not even a squirt!

So I did it.
I tapped my first cask without so much as a squirt of framboise getting on me.

We had a nice crowd come out. and A good time (and beer) was had by all.

Afterwards we headed to the South Philly Tap Room where the Allagash flowed.
And guest appearances were made by Rob Todd, Lodgemaster Scoats, Mike Perelman from Stoudts. Jim Wiggins and Jim Meiers from Origlio Bev, Art Etchells from Foobooz, Jennie Hatton of Profile PR (publicist for Philly BEER WEEK 2009!) Casey Huges from Flying Fish, and Dock Streeters- Mike Fava and Dan Conway.

That's kind of cool that reps from at least four local breweries were there supporting the friends in the craft beer community.

A night cap was to be had at Monks- more on that later.

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    Alas, Beer Lass...

    When I paid a visit to you here several days ago, it seems I neglected to mention that I am related to one of the Deans brothers of “DEANS BROTHERS BREWING COMPANY” fame.

    Wha--?! Well, they’re only becoming one of the “hottest” brewers in Southern California, that’s all! (“Warm Beer And Cold Women.” Arrgghhh!) Their brew was recently referenced in Los Angeles Times articles, and it is being requested in more and more saloons and tap rooms by the week. (Even Gordon Ramsay of the “Hell’s Kitchen” television show has requested that it be put on tap in his new hotel’s bar.)

    In fact, I live within stumbling distance of Brother Dean and he has a small refrigerator set up in our garage where he keeps his “Nectar Of The Gods” on tap for us. (I’m really not much of a drinking man anymore, but my brother Napoleon has moved into the garage and lives on the floor now.)

    Alas, it seems Deans Brothers isn't shipping to your neck of the woods yet (i.e., Philly), but that can only be a matter of time. Meanwhile, I invite you to check out their website:

    In case you’re interested, here are addresses to the recent L.A. Times articles mentioning the growing popularity of the Deans Brothers Brewing Company products:,0,6259219.story,0,2821579.story

    Well, but doesn’t all this talk about brew make my mouth water for a good porter right about now? Aw, but although it was Van Morrison who sang the warning, it applies to me as well:

    “Keep me away from porter or whiskey;
    Don't play anything sentimental,
    it'll make me cry.”

    Well, play loud but nice, Beer Lass. Best (hangover-free) wishes to ya...

    ~ STMcC
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>