August 25, 2008

perfectly pear

The other night Lance and I were walking home from Brigids full and fatigued.
But he's never to full to satiate his sweet tooth.

So we stopped at our local grocer and picked up some ice cream.
Him- Ben and Jerry Smores
Me- This new pear ice cream from Haagen Dazs

There are no words.
I mean I sorta dig pear... I think I even bought pear glace Victoria's Secret Body Lotion in college.
But Pear has never struck me. Really moved me. Until now.

There was an ice cream flavor concept contest in 2007 .

From the website- "Leslie Zoerb's flavor creation, selected from thousands of entries, mingled juicy caramelized pears with pieces of toasted pecans in a crisp pear ice cream base. "

Thanks Leslie-=-=-

This contest occurred in 2007. I just found it now.
There's a chance that there's slim pear pickins left. Seek it out while you can.

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